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Tarot readings are performed by James+ who is a priest of the Circulos Tenebris Matrem Arcanas Tradition.  His practice is based in Kabbalah and Traditional Witchcraft.  The Goddess Hecate has given James+ a rare empathy to be able to discern cards inwardly and outwardly.  He will be able to ascertain both the outward and inward spiritual causes of cross conditions, unhappiness, fulfillment, spiritual apathy, and other struggles of every day life.

James is self-taught, being guided by spiritual forces such as Hecate.  No pictures or prior information is needed for a reading, just a phone number or skype information for the session.  The session is not held to complete at one hour as James may have insights that take longer to convey.  We charge only once for a full spiritual diagnosis.

1 hour  /   $40

Tarot Readings

Birth chart Reading


In-depth Tarot Readings That Cover All Aspects of Daily Life


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