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Brandon originally became versed in Metaphysics and found his spiritual calling via the Judaic Mystical Tradition of Kabbalah. He is well versed in American Folk Magic; African American Magic, aka Hoodoo; and Ceremonial Sorcery. He is a Consecrated Priest in the Circulos Tenbris Matrem Aracanas Tradition, with his hands in Quimbanda, Hinduism, and Cabbalistic Angel Magic. He and his loving partner James are both desiccants of the Dark Mothers - Brandon being in dedication and of service to Lady Lilith. He is committed to illumining the path of the Goddess and Lady Of the Night, Lilith, by bringing authentic Wisdom Teachings to his community and clients. Unlike many spiritual service providers, Brandon has a process of helping each individual client. After consultations an appropriate Saint, Angel, Goddess, or Folk Hero is selected to help the client on their Spiritual Journey. Unlike casting typical spells for pay, Brandon helps the client set up a basis for true Spiritual self discovery. A client suffering from heartbreak, for example, could be helped with establishing a living connection with Anael, Archangel of Venus, or for a family with money or other insecurities could be helped by Barachiel, Archangel of Abundance . It all varies, of course, on the needs of the client. This is, in Brandon's belief, a more ethical approach to sorcery for hire. Establishing true Spiritual transformation, he knows, is the true and lasting approach to positive change internally, and externally.

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Spell Work

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